IsLaM iTu MuDah NaMun BukAn BaGi yANg mEmuDaHkaNya MaLah IsLaM ItU PeLenGkaP nAmuN BUkAn MiLik YaNg TiDak MenGaMaLkanNyA

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Please answer me!

Why I really miss you?
Why this feeling come to me?
Why you are always in my mind?
Why you are not with me?
Why? Why? Why???

Lately I always thinking of you.. even I cry, still not relieve.. it's painful you know? I don't know how to manage this feeling.. I didn't find the best solution for our condition rite now.. I don't know what to do.. although you are the one who are always with me, go through thick and thin together..  but still, there is some lacking here..
Hurmmm.. I miss you  more than words can say..

p/s- 3 am already.. this is love letter for you.. Hopefully you will come in my dream..
Salam sayang...